Army of Thieves a Great Entertainer

It’s awesome that Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” became an entire Franchise overnight. Is this a new way? For the Film, it is possible that the sequel will be given the green light before the release of the first film – sometimes even at the same time when they tell the same story as in the films of Peter Jackson —, but the fact that Snyder’s return to the world of the undead appeared with a prequel and a series already in production is almost awesome. What if people hated the “army”? I think Netflix doesn’t care too much about Quality. Thus, the Prequel movie, the TV series and the traditional sequel are at different stages of implementation in the Streaming Pipeline. Snyder will probably next year direct “planet of the Dead” and the premiere of the animated series “Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas”.

Until then, Fans can watch the Prequel “Army of Thieves,” which is out today on Netflix with a stream of kinetic edits to hide serious Tempo issues and annoying characters. This is an action movie about a flight, the creation of which takes forever, and the second half of which, although joyful, can not compensate for the boring environment. Snyder remains a producer, but transfers the direction to Matthias Schweigefer, who played in the Film “Zombie” the Safeknacker Dieter Ludwig. The funny delinquent was one of the highlights of Snyder’s film, a good balance to the more traditional Alpha men played by Dave Bautista and Omari Hardwick. However, a character who complements the main action of a movie like “The Army” does not necessarily work in the same way as the central part. The biggest problem with the “Army of Thieves” might be that it doesn’t seem like anyone other than those who count international Netflix subscribers is asking for 130 minutes of dieting.

“Army of Thieves” takes place six years before the action of “Army of the Dead”, when the world is just beginning to face the reality of a zombie epidemic—this is seen mainly in the background reports and in several prophetic dreams of Dieter. Dieter (known as Sebastian in this story for reasons explained after) is at the beginning of the Safe-Cracking experiment and collects a little-known YouTube video about four legendary safes developed on the basis of the Wagner Ring cycle. Remember how Sebastian in “Army of the Dead” was excited by the prospect of getting into the famous Getterdammung Safe in Vegas? That’s because it really was the last safe of the quartet of masterfully built machines. A Strength of Schweigefer as a Director/Actor, as he has Admiration for Safes gives. These are not just obstacles that the delinquent has to overcome — he treats you like a climber looking at Everest. The task is as exciting as the result.

After his videos, Sebastian receives a secret invitation to a safe cracking contest, something like a action club with less blood. Of course, he wins by proving it to an observer named Gwendoline (Natalie Emmanuel) who recruits him into a group of delinquents who plan to break three more safes before they retire. Again, it’s kind of a story of opportunity. The coming apocalypse will make this job a lot harder, so it’s now or never for Gwendoline, Corina (Ruby O. Fee), Rolf (Guzman) and Brad Cage (Stuart Martin).

Clearly aimed at the international market, “Army of Thieves” is a strange duck, a prequel to an action movie about Zombies, in which there are not many Zombies and almost no Action. The first hour of “Thieves” is endless — it’s an hour before something like real Action happens – and there’s simply no reason for this movie to be longer than 130 minutes, except that duration seems to be part of Snyder’s diet. This is a shame, because the “army of thieves” really comes to life as soon as the planning stops and the robberies really begin. As a director, Schweigefer has clearly learned a lot from Snyder’s mastery of hyper-stylized slow-motion Action, and yet he doesn’t feel like he’s copying his colleague’s Look. The flight scenes are calibrated as carefully as necessary in a Movie like this to work-they make it a prequel that no one really asked for, at least an entertaining enjoyment.

It is optimization and repetition that turns this distraction into a footnote rather than an actual extension. While Schweigefer is more charming than expected, his big-eyed romantic delinquent works best in small doses, and this Movie is a big dose of Sebastian, to the point where the rest of the film crew is ignored. Why not just focus Sebastian and surround him with other stage robberies? Emmanuelle is boring, she never has the right chemistry with Schweigefer, and she really peckes better than anyone (although the fees are fun, but underused). A lot of movies need full film crews, like Ocean Films or Now You See Me. This Film fails in this department. Let’s hope that the upcoming projects in this fully formed Franchise will learn a lesson from this gang of thieves and steal some ideas from the best films.

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