Ashish Jain

Ashish Jain – Let go and trust the universe

Ashish Jain – A fine art photographer residing in Chennai , Tamil Nadu.

His life?

He’s 20year old and novice picture taker. He says, he have been playing with cameras since before he completely recognized what they do! It’s been somewhat of a concealed enthusiasm inside himself.

His life is fundamentally extremely arranged. He is also seeking his under graduation in one of the best college in Chennai. It is DG Vaishnav college.

He says, he wants to follow his fantasies and dreams which is photography and wants to excel in those terms.

He did his school in a boys school and was a introvert person all through his school life.

And afterward life changed when he came into the college, companions continued as before and met various individuals and specially one individual who completely changed himself in the terms he can’t articulate. After that Life happened to be a cup of tea for. He’s a complete social butterfly now and love investing energy with loved ones.

Professionally , he’s currently, supporting his family business and simultaneously he’s getting his hands on learning out photography “.

For what reason did he pick photography?
“Photography has very little do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them”, he says.That beauty is all around us – in the unexpected and unforeseen – we just have to be willing to look for it.

His career is basically to become a leading photographer representing his team.

Look at his Instagram page @ashu._.jain


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