Manav Lunkad

Manav Lunkad, A 20 year old successful event manager from Chennai

Manav Lunkad, A successful event manager from Chennai.

Manav Lunkad, A successful event manager and social media Influencer from Chennai. He is good at studies as well his practical life. He is good at chipping in from his college days and has volunteered and added to numerous social events.

He is a good advisor. He encourages individuals identified with there profession, relationship ( Friendship and Love ) and substantially more. Because he feel everybody ought to get onto the correct way, he has helped and changed numerous individuals’ life just as helping them to advice on there profession and they are developing well.

During his College life , he caught wind of events the executives from his companion. So he just began going for events only for side income so he can deal with his own costs. Later on he began liking it and proceeded as a freelancer in event management industry. He was a superb manager in general occasions (Hospitality, Production , Design , and so on)

He has worked in

and Different events , Corporate Occasions , Artist Management, Satire Shows , Club Projects and Luxury weddings.

He has worked with different occasion the executives organizations from Chennai , Mumbai and so forth. Each event group who has worked with him has a Superb audit of him and they are glad to work with him. He is a motivation to many.

He is a superb communicator in handy life and has helped numerous adolescents and caused them to develop with him. He has given work to numerous individuals and is an old buddy of them today.

He own an event management organization named @MR.LUNKAD EVENTZ.

Which skill in Cordiality the executives and even oversee different sort of occasions.

He says, “During my intitial period in event management , my parent’s didn’t support me since I used to come late from events around 2-3 am around night time and wasn’t taking care of myself because of the overwhelming work in the occasions. Later on when my parents saw my devotion and hardwork towards events they began supporting me and they are going about as my spine , “I Love My Family”

He Has confidence in Dedicated and consistency towards Your Objectives can cause u to accomplish anything u need.

He is additionally intrigued by Digital Marketing . He is learning and practicing it well. In the interim he is wanting to open his own media office ahead.

He additionally handles his family business and is running admirably in by and large.

Thank you for your time Mr. Manav Lunkad
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