Rounak Handa

Rounak Handa , A Trillionaire in making.

Rounak Handa, A Trillionaire in making.
Here is a short story shared by Mr. Rounak Handa.
Meet Mr. Rounak Handa , A 3rd Generation Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Hiring Right Talent Solutions and Founder & MD of DIRO Apparels. Also known for his rap music as Ronthatsme and is an established rapper with songs like ‘Naya Daur” and “Aurat”.

Rounak Handa was born in a middle-class family, he was born with a silver spoon and the eldest of the 3 siblings in the family. Being born as the eldest in a typical Punjabi household he was pampered the most and always got what he asked for. Coming from a family of established entrepreneurs at a very young age he realized that owning a business is the only way to make money for him. Living in a joint family and then shifting out with his parents to a different house, he saw a lot of changes in life in terms of school, friends, surroundings, locality, and standard of living. Because of his shifting, he had to change his school every 2 years as they moved around a lot due to sudden financial difficulties. In the year 1999-2000, Rounak’s mother had to take up a job to meet the financial demands of their house and support his father in difficult times. It was then, that they found stability in life and he completed his higher secondary from Udayachal High School in Vikhroli.
After completing his school life, As he took Science as his field of study in FYJC and took admission in Chandrabhan Sharma Junior College in Powai. But, with all the sudden freedom received in college, he failed his 11th std and gave his 12th std privately through LN Mehta Institute in Ghatkopar. As he was always inclined business, he took up Bachelors in Management Studies as his choice of field in his Graduation years and took Marketing as his specialization from the year 2010-13 in Bunts Sangha’s SM Shetty College of Science, Commerce & Management Studies in Powai. In his final year of BMS, he did a project on “ISO 9001-1400 for Ecotel Hotel” for which he stood 1st in college with “O Grade”. He was also awarded the Best NSS Cadet for the year 2012-13 during his graduation. Just like any other student out there his decided to do further studies and hence got admission to YMT College of Management Studies in Kharghar with Marketing as his specialization for the year 2013-2015. He had the opportunity to do an internship of 3 months with Godrej Interior wherein he conducted a study for “Customer Satisfaction for Furniture Purchase” for the same department. During his Post Graduation, he was awarded “Mr. Fresher 2013-14” in his college. It was here that he discovered my creative side and tried out different things in college like rapping, anchoring shows, and events and was also a part Entrepreneurship Cell. He was the Head of Marketing & Sponsorship Team for the Annual College Festival named “Lakshya” for which we successfully brought in sponsorships from Godrej Locking Solutions, Lions Club of Bombay West Coast, Bukharoo Shoes & Café Coffee Day to name a few.
After completing his MBA, he started looking out for a job as he wanted to gain experience before he started his own venture and he took up a job as a Service Delivery Executive Operations in Writer Relocations in Parel. He worked there for 1.5 years and it was during this time he met this girl named Dipali Haithamwar who came along and changed his outlook towards life as a whole. They instantly hit off and found that they had a lot of similar interests which helped in flourishing their friendship and bond and we decided to collaborate in a venture together. Hence, in the year 2018, they decided to work together with the intent of opening their own company in the future and they joined Mumbai Rozgaar Pvt. Ltd. as Vice President of Business Development and Vice President of New Business Initiatives. With things looking promising and growth seeming inevitable they ventured out on their own and started their own company named Hiring Right Talent Solutions on 18th April 2019 with both of them being 50-50 partners. HRTS became the first Executive Search Firm to collaborate with Cambridge University Press, UK for its “Business English Communication” Program in December 2019 which provided BEC training to corporates and candidates alike who are looking to improve their communication. HRTS has also tied up with Recruiter & Candidates Group which is an NPO that tirelessly works to bring together the HR fraternity with the active job seekers in the market. HRTS is also one of the founding members of “Dronarch Skills” which is a training community that caters to a candidate’s or corporate’s training needs under one roof.
With their business partnership flourishing they indeed ended up being life partners and they got engaged on 29th December 2019. He is a strong believer of manifestation and he does manifest his success and Dipali has always been supportive of that. What makes her special is that she’s equally as ambitious as he and she has a strong personality which makes her an independent woman who wants to have a career of her own and wants to make a mark on the world.
In December 2019 the world got affected by the COVID-19 and the world came to a standstill, but that didn’t affect his success as it allowed him to follow his passion as a Rap Artist under the name “Ronthatsme” and grow his success exponentially. With that manifestation for the success he meets Shekhar Srivastav who is helping him to realize that dream and doing everything, he can to ensure that he succeeds in his life . With his network and guidance and Rounak’s passion and skills, they are a deadly combination that is on their way to achieving success. Dipali always told him that she never really found any good fashionable clothes to wear as she is a little healthy for which he always had a plan to open up his own clothing company, but that always seemed a distant plan. But on 2nd July 2020 with Shekhar’s help and guidance that dream is now about to become a reality as he is launching DIRO Apparels.
DIRO stands for DI-pali and RO-unak, and his main motive to start this company is to provide fashionable clothes to each and everyone who wishes to wear trendy outfits regardless of their weight and hence he is catering to all the sizes from XS to 6XL with T-shirts, hoodies, formals being the line of clothing under the “DIRO” brand. And rounak says that “DIRO will prove to be the best of its kind of cater to such a large number of sizes through a single channel and is looking to reach out to anyone and everyone who is looking out for trendy clothes. His motto at DIRO Apparels is “Your size should not stop from looking handsome/beautiful”.


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