Jitendra Kumar

Jitendra Kumar – An icon known for his social work.

InInternet and social media have changed existences of youthful Indians over the length and broadness of this nation. Where, on one hand, increasingly more youth are getting occupied with social government assistance exercises, there are adolescents who are exceptionally dynamic via web-based media stages like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and so on. Joining these two fields together for everyone’s benefit of humanity is a youngster Jitendra Kumar, who lives in Hathras in Uttar Pradesh.

Jitendra has a place with the fanatical and dedicated foundation and his feeling of respectability guides him in the entirety of his demonstrations. He lives in Delhi with his better half, Anjali.

Jitendra has been intrigued with the distinction between the lives of haves and those who lack wealth and has now devoted his life to redressing that separation. His family, being impassioned supporters of Congress party in the district, has helped him make solid political associations and construct a hearty system that permits him to do parcel of things for open government assistance in the territory.

Investigate his site, thejitendrakumar, to get a remarkable knowledge into the life of this youthful social laborer. The site is loaded with motivational statements like “Have confidence in Karma” and “In a universe of worriers, be the warrior.”

No big surprise that Jitendra wants to show others how its done in all parts of his life. His Instagram handle, imjitendrakumar, shows photos of his family, companions, partners and of various exercises that he is associated with. One of those is his relationship with various social causes, directly from taking care of the hungry to aiding the penniless. He has companions in the amusement and cricket universes.

Actually, Jitendra is centered around his wellness as well, for which he keeps up a severe wellness plan and follows good dieting practice. It is his fantasy to open his own image of work out schedules and he is progressing in the direction of it. As of late, he was likewise granted for his social work in the area. Talking about the honor, he stated, “This honor has driven me further headed straight toward getting things done for everyone’s benefit.”

Jitendra has made a name for himself in the fields of social assistance and amusement. That has made him one of the main online media influencers of his age.

You can connect with this young symbol on his social media profiles and know about his activism.

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