Balram Bharwad

Balram bharwad, an 18-year-old teen is a model, car enthusiast and a traveler

Balram Bharwad, an 18-year-old teen is a model, car enthusiast and a traveler

Ahmedabad is the home to thousands of dreamers. It hosts around 56,33,927 lovely people. Among those lakhs of people, is Balram. The 18-year-old boy has some extraordinary thinking and aspires to be at the peak of success.

He is extremely passionate about modelling. And let me tell you a thing, the models have a diverse eye for everything they see and make us visualize. They can portray clouds as strength, they can bring romance in snowfall, and Ananta in the sunrays. You will have to have a different perception of the world for being a model, says Balram. He tries to narrate a story with every picture he gets clicked.

How do you exactly create a story?

Someone asked him.

I travel. I go on long walks when it’s drizzling. I talk to the stars on a cold, wintery night. They are my inspiration. That is the reason I love to travel. The beauty of an empty road shining with moonlight is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone finds excitement in trekking to the mountains just to see the sun rising. Not everyone can differentiate between the noise and melody of the sea. You have to be a traveler to experience this magical side of the world.

What a thoughtful answer, isn’t it?

Well, this 18-year-old boy is much more than this. Apart from being a model and a die-hard fan of traveling, he is a car enthusiast.
And when I say enthusiast, I am talking about being crazy. From the ‘Fast and Furious drift’ to ‘Yar tera superstar’ drive is the kind of fun he seeks. Loud volume, high speed, and a luxury car jam-packed with friends is the ideal happy time for Balram.


Sounds so contrasting, right?

At one point he is calm as a sea and at the other point, he is high on life. Well, this is the grace of Ahemdabad born boy, Balram.

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