With Covid Vaccines for Teenagers and Children, Timing Issues

“In the end, this will be very good for vaccines that so much emphasis has been put on the process and the safety and the review,” Dr. Campbell mentioned.

“In the past, I think people didn’t realize just how much scrutiny there is,” of great reactions to any vaccine, Dr. Campbell mentioned, or how a lot consideration is paid to schedule, dose, and immune response when a brand new vaccine is examined.

Relating to the Covid vaccines, Dr. Maldonado mentioned, “We’re not overly specifically concerned about anything with this vaccine, we’re just following the normal processes.”

Nonetheless, it’s doable that youthful youngsters, who usually have extra strong immune programs than adults, could react extra strongly to the Covid vaccines. That’s the reason vaccine research in youngsters look rigorously at dosage and immunologic reactivity, Dr. Beers mentioned: “They often start with a smaller group, give a lower dose of vaccine, test the response, work their way up to the dose needed for adequate immunity.”

Dr. Campbell and his colleagues at Maryland are simply beginning their first research of Covid vaccine in youngsters underneath 12. And nobody, he mentioned, must be making an attempt to persuade mother and father that the vaccines are secure and efficient on this age group till the information can be found: “I have no reason to believe they won’t be safe and effective, but the proof is in the pudding — I want to see the pudding.”

Getting youngsters caught up on their common vaccines is sensible as a result of it’s going to maintain them effectively protected if different illnesses flare up now that the pandemic has pushed down the charges of the same old childhood immunizations. Medical doctors are fearful about an entire checklist of vaccine-preventable illnesses, together with measles, whooping cough, meningitis, HPV and flu.

Will Covid vaccines ultimately match into the schedule of routine childhood immunizations, and if that’s the case, at what age? As a result of the brand new vaccines are nonetheless in an emergency use authorization section, “Nobody has answers; we’ll have to see over time,” Dr. Maldonado mentioned.

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