Point That Motorbike Travel Is the Finest Travel

Motorcycle sales received a much-needed shot in the arm throughout the recent times. The reason was quite simple: people wanted to keep their distance, but they had to find places anyway. The same people discovered or remembered that motorcycles can be both practical and fun at the same time—and, importantly, many of them also cost quite a bit less than cars.

Now that it is April 2022, rising fuel prices seem to be another argument in favor of engines. This book of pain in your pocket is not entirely new, Of course. Chances are that if you’ve been around a few cycles, you’ve seen the same thing at least once before. But the fact that we have to deal with it before does not make it any less painful. As fuel prices fluctuate, a great way to protect your daily groceries is to get yourself a shiny, new (or new for you) Motorcycle.

I’ve spent years doing a pretty powerful motorcycle commute (about 80 miles a day, the longest), so here are some reasons you might want to try.

Take your fuel price fear up a notch

There is a wide range of engines to choose from, and they all have different fuel savings. Over time, age and/or changes can of course also change the fuel consumption of the bike. However, in the vast majority of matter, drivers will almost always have much better fuel economy than (non-electric) car and truck drivers.

My main commuter vehicle of choice was a maxi-scooter, which I still like to buy or run other errands when there is no ice on the ground. Why? I get 70-ish miles per gallon, depending on how aggressively I turn the gas pedal. Even if you’re on a bike that gets fuel consumption in the 40mpg range, that’s still a significant saving—especially when so many people carry only themselves and a backpack/briefcase/messenger bag on a regular basis.

My fuel tank that scoot holds only a few gallons of gasoline, so I joked that I knew fuel prices were going crazy when my total was in double digits when I was about to empty. Still, a full tank feels much better.

Parking Is A Lot Easier, Guys.

This does not apply to everyone, but if you commute to an area where street parking is a fact—such as a busy city center, for example—then bicycles will make your life much easier. Riders can fit our bikes in so many places that cars simply can’t. (yes, even if it’s something relatively small, like a Smart ForTwo.)

If you are afraid of bike theft, this is of course a concern. I’m lucky I didn’t have this problem during my hard commuting years. If you’re worried about theft, using fork lock (if you have one), investing in a good disk lock, and other strategies can help deter potential thieves.

You have a ride to look forward to at the end of each day

Don’t get me wrong; public transport (if available in your area) and cars have their seats. I’ll probably always love motorcycles the most, though, and that’s because they’re so much fun. Even if you’re having a terrible day, a half-decent ride to look forward to at the end of it can make a huge difference.

There’s a reason many drivers talk about driving as mental health. Riders don’t necessarily agree on many things, but one thing we can all respect is the power of motorcycles to improve our mood.

Filtering and / or tape splitting is not an option for machines

It is also not always lawful an option for motorcycles. However, in places where it is enshrined in law, riders have an even greater advantage on the road. It can take a while to get used to if you’re not used to doing it-which is a problem I’ve certainly had every time I’ve visited California. However, once you get used to it, it is quite excellent.

Two-Wheeled Electric Cars Cost Less Than Electric Cars

If you want to completely leave the combustion era, for whatever reason, you probably noticed that electric cars are not exactly inexpensive. Even the most basic 2022 Nissan LEAF (S, if you’re wondering). This does not include government incentives for electric cars, and we should also mention that markets outside the U.S. may have other less expensive electric car options available.

However, other markets may also have more electric motorcycle options available and – which are probably still affordable than their car counterparts. Here in the US, the new Zero Motorcycles, which—weather and personal circumstances allow—account for less than half of the aforementioned Nissan Leaf MSRP. If you’re interested in exploring electric scooter options, things are getting affordable too, and the likes of NIU and others are becoming more available.

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