The Motorcycles for Beginners This Year

It is not something that is for everyone, but on the other hand, few things are. Whether you plan to commute and / or run errands, explore local trails, or breakthrough twisties, there’s a motorcycle out there for you. Be warned, you will drop your bike at some point. Your first motorcycle doesn’t have to be your only motorcycle. You can always sell your first bike if you develop as a rider. That said, Here are some great new motorcycle choices for beginners.

1. Honda Navi

Using a clutch can be intimidating for younger drivers, especially those who have never operated a manual car before. To facilitate this transition to motorcycling, the Honda Navi features an automatic CVT gearbox. Along with clutchless controls, the Navi also has an integrated storage compartment, compact dimensions and an ultra-tractable, air-cooled, 109cc single that nets 110 mpg. In addition, Grom-inspired style, playful color schemes and a number of customization options show beginners that cycling can also be a form of personal expression. Riders can overcome Navi in a timely manner.

2. Honda CT125 / Trail 125 ABS

Want something that will handle the narrow streets of the city, but also be able to try tackling some of the local trails as well? The new Honda Trail 125 ABS may be just the right bike for these concerns. It’s small, simple and sturdy—three great attributes to give confidence to even the greenest riders. It also has a nice back support to carry what you need to take with you, which is extremely convenient. While clearly not intended for mile-munching, different bikes are good for different tracks—and this can be a good choice, depending on which track(s) you have in mind.

3. Yamaha MT-03

The smallest master of the couple is an empty 300 with buckets of attitude to the Reserve. It’s small, it’s agile, it’s good at fuel consumption—all the things most commuters like in a bike they ride to work or school every day. Weaving in and out of busy urban traffic situations is a breeze with this small bike, and if that’s how you’re going to ride it, you might want to consider it an option.

4. KTM 390 Adventure

For those who want a life on the overcome track, the KTM 390 Adventure is the perfect gateway to the world of adventure bikes. With a small seat height (according to ADV standards) of 33.6 inches, traction control and abs in corners, baby Adventure offers a practical package for beginners. However, the 390 also offers space for pilot development thanks to the WP Apex suspension, pokey 373cc power plant and ABS off-road mode. The KTM 390 Adventure may be small, but it strikes above its weight class and is a great first bike for long distances.

5. Suzuki DR-Z400S

Riders start from different backgrounds with different experiences under their belt. If you already know that you want to spend both time on the road and off-road and want a single car that can handle both tasks well, look no further than the DR-Z400S. he’s a classic in the Dual-sport space for a reason and a lot of riders speak his name fondly because he’s very good at his job. Although the seat height seems a bit high compared to numerous other bikes, it is also very narrow. If you’re concerned about whether you feel comfortable in the saddle, which is what your local dealer is for—throw a foot over it in person and hit them with all the questions.

6. Kawasaki Ninja 400

If you’re looking for a fun, zippy, fully shaped sportbike with small displacement, it’s hard to beat the Ninja 400 ABS. It is agile enough to meet most everyday needs, and at the same time it is fun to ride, but not intimidating for the inexperienced. It’s a great bike to boost your confidence too-whether you plan to keep it in your stable forever or not.

7. Honda Rebel 500

Cruisers have a reputation for being tall, low and heavy. Although you might like the long and low part of this description, heftier bikes can be more challenging to action for beginners. If you’re looking for a lighter and more manageable cruising option, look no further than the Honda Rebel 500 ABS.

The combination of that extremely friendly seat height and a curb weight that is just a hair over 400 pounds is incredibly inspiring confidence. Build your skills on this small cruiser before proceeding to the Master class, large displacement cruisers of your dreams.

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